PvE Armor Sets

Below, you’ll find an outline of Classic Hunter armor sets and their drop locations for quick and easy reference.

Tier 0.5: Beaststalker Armor

HeadBeaststalker’s CapDarkmaster Gandling (Scholomance)
ShouldersBeaststalker’s MantleOverlord Wyrmthalak (Blackrock Spire)
ChestBeaststalker’s TunicGeneral Drakkisath (Blackrock Spire)
WristBeaststalker’s BindingsZone Drop (Stratholme)
Hands Beaststalker’s GlovesWar Master Voone (Blackrock Spire)
Waist Beaststalker’s BeltZone Drop (Blackrock Spire)
Legs Beaststalker’s PantsBaron Rivendare (Stratholme)
Feet Beaststalker’s BootsNerub’enkan (Stratholme)

Tier 1: Giantstalker Armor (Molten Core)

HeadGiantstalker’s HelmetGarr
ShouldersGiantstalker’s EpauletsSulfuron Harbinger
ChestGiantstalker’s BreastplateGolemagg the Incinerator
WristGiantstalker’s BracersZone Drop
HandsGiantstalker’s GlovesShazzrah
WaistGiantstalker’s BeltZone Drop
LegsGiantstalker’s LeggingsMagmadar
FeetGiantstalker’s BootsGehennas

Tier 2: Dragonstalker Armor (Onyxia’s Lair/Blackwing Lair)

HeadDragonstalker’s HelmOnyxia
ShouldersDragonstalker’s SpauldersChromaggus
ChestDragonstalker’s BreastplateNefarian
WristDragonstalker’s BracersRazorgore the Untamed
HandsDragonstalker’s GauntletsEbonroc, Firemaw, Flamegor
WaistDragonstalker’s BeltVaelastrasz the Corrupt
LegsDragonstalker’s LegguardsRagnaros (Molten Core)
FeetDragonstalker’s GreavesBroodlord Lashlayer

Tier 3: Cryptstalker Armor (Naxxramas)

HeadCryptstalker HeadpieceThaddius
ShouldersCryptstalker SpauldersGrobbulus, Patchwerk, Gluth
ChestCryptstalker TunicFour Horsemen
WristCryptstalker WristguardsGrand Widow Faerlina, Anub’Rekhan, Gluth
HandsCryptstalker HandguardsMaexxna
WaistCryptstalker GirdleNoth the Plaguebringer, Heigan the Unclean, Gluth
LegsCryptstalker LegguardsLoatheb
FeetCryptstalker BootsInstructor Razuvious, Gothik the Harvester, Gluth
FingerRing of the CryptstalkerKel’Thuzad

Note: Tier 3 armor pieces result from quest turn-ins which require desecrated armor pieces (along with trade goods). The bosses listed above drop the associated desecrated armor pieces, not the actual armor set pieces themselves. Completing the Cryptstalker set requires a total of 8 Nexus Crystals, 106 Wartorn Chain Scraps, 17 Arcanite Bars, and 18 Cured Rugged Hide. The quest turn-ins also reward reputation with the Argent Dawn.

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