Secrets of the Wild: Learning New Abilities from Beasts in the Wild

As you’re leveling, it’s easy to remember to visit your friendly neighborhood Hunter Trainer to pick up new skills, but have you remembered to keep your pet’s abilities up to date? While Pet Trainers will keep you current on the basics (like Growl and Natural Armor), there’s a lot your pet can do that Trainers can’t teach. These abilities need to be learned from beasts in the wild. Assuming you’re running a fairly standard high-DPS build (Cat or maybe Wolf pet), here’s a run-down of the various pet abilities you’ll want to track down and where you can find them.

Before we dive in, it is worth mentioning that you DO NOT need to learn ability ranks in order. You can skip ranks. So, if you prefer to skip hunting down abilities while you level and just pick up the highest ranks at max level, you can. Just know that your DPS while leveling will not be optimal if you choose to go that route.


Rank 1: Bite

Rank 2: Bite

Rank 3: Bite

Rank 4: Bite

Rank 5: Bite

Rank 6: Bite

Rank 7: Bite

Rank 8: Bite


Rank 1: Claw

Rank 2: Claw

Rank 3: Claw

Rank 4: Claw

Rank 5: Claw

Rank 6: Claw

Rank 7: Claw

Rank 8: Claw


Rank 1: Dash

Rank 2: Dash

Rank 3: Dash

Furious Howl

Rank 1: Furious Howl

Rank 2: Furious Howl

Rank 3: Furious Howl

Rank 4: Furious Howl

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